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When one talks of welding gear many thing come to mind. These are clothing items that are usually worn by professionals working in potentially hazardous situations such as a welding workshop for protection. In most cases these items come with great benefits that usually afford one the luxury of only concentrating on the job at hand without any safety worries.

Some of the most popular benefits presented by these welding gears include their ability to keep off common hazards at the workshop. Intense heat and flying sparks can cause untold damage and pain to ones skin and one should thus ensure that they are well protected. The noise generated during a welding process can also damage the ears particularly after prolonged exposure. Other hazards include the ultra violet rays produced in abundance in any metal shop. These rays tend to be highly intense and may cause terrible skin burns that with prolonged exposure can be a cancer cause. These rays must also be kept away from the eyes through the wearing of protective goggles among other protective wear. The following are the basics of common protective gear used by most professionals.

Types of Protective Welding Gear

The welding gloves are one of the most popular types of protective gear. These items are usually worn on the arms and they tend to keep off any excessive heat, flying sparks and ultra violet rays from the hands. Made from popular materials such as animal leather and Kevlar these items are a must have for any serious welding professional.

The welding goggles and ear plugs are another popular part of the welding gear that most people tend to use. These items are carefully designed to keep off the harsh glare of the welding flame and the noise generated during this process. Without these items one can suffer from deteriorating eyesight and hearing ability.


Welding jackets are another popular item that tends to find application in any welding workshop. In most cases these items are designed with tough materials such as animal leather and they tend to keep off any heat and flying sparks from the arms, upper body and back at all times.
The welding trousers are another popular protective wear that most people cannot do without.

Welding gear are made to keep off all the hazards that are a common feature in any workshop. To further enhance their usefulness they come with reinforcement at the knees as they tend to wear out more quickly at these parts. Other popular types of protective wear used in a welding garage include the welding aprons among others.