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Gloves have been used since ancient times for protection in a wide range of situations around the home and at the work place. In most cases individuals go to great lengths in choosing the right kind of protective gloves to wear in a given situation as this tends to make all the difference. For example one cannot wear disposable gloves as used by doctors to do some heavy duty welding just like they cannot use the heat resistant gloves for ordinary home chores such as cleaning. The importance of using the right kind of gloves for the right application can thus not be underrated if one is to enjoy all the benefits they seek form these items.

Some of the most popular gloves used particularly at the work place are the ironclad gloves. These gloves are usually designed with utmost heat resistant qualities since they are usually used in welding activities in metal workshops. The following are some of the most notable features that one should always look out for while looking to invest in a pair of these gloves.

Ironclad Gloves Heat resistant

Since these gloves are to be used in extremely hot situations they should offer protection from heat. Most people tend to use these gloves in all types of welding such as in tig welding or MIG welding among others. To ensure that these gloves are well designed and manufactured to afford one this protection it is important to ensure that they are made from common heat resistant materials such as heavy leather. Other materials that also indicate the ability of these items to keep one well protected include the Kevlar stitching which is popularly used to keep off heat at the seams. Reinforcement at the thumb area which tends to take much of the heat is also a great feature to look out for.


Easy to use

When working in any situation be it a workshop or at home one usually needs a certain level of dexterity. Most heavily made gloves such as the ironclad gloves tend to limit this movement as they seek to better protect the wearer. However in recent years many manufacturers have been making great items that not only offer the needed protection but also tend to be very easy to use. They achieve this by ensuring the use of the right kind of material that is not too heavy and designing gloves for specific situations.