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Our website is dedicated to welding gloves but all our efforts to have all these documents prepared would have been lost if our audience did not know about our site.

In modern day Internet and in order to be relevant we had to work hard on our technology and providers selection. Using wordpress as our publishing platform was an easy choice. Wordpress comes with many premium themes and tons of free plugins which makes building a website an easy task.

Our second most important decision and in so many way more important the first one was to choice a webhosting and networking solution that is designed from the ground to aim on good internet visibility.

We ended up with Smart seo hosting. And over 2 years we established a good and professional relationship with their engineers and support staff.

A combination of a word class publishing platform (in our case WordPress) and highly skilled hosting provider with tier 1 connections to Internet helps us everyday to provide the information needed to our clients.

For instance the time it takes for our pages to load, with all their resources, is in average less than 1.30 second. This not only helps us provide an easy to use user experience, it drops all bounce rate dramatically.  All these little factors for a site that is around a small but important niche helps us provide a service that is in demand and also for the amount of work it takes profitable.

If you need to know more about our technologies or if you want us to manage similar websites for you and your business please feel free to contact us via email or our contact forms.