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The black stallion welding gloves have been important players in the welding and metal works industry for quite some time now. Although this company makes a wide range of protective items such as jackets, glasses and even masks their gloves are much more visible and very popular amongst most professionals in this field.

In most cases these gloves come in many tasteful and highly efficient designs and types that ensures all types of people regardless of their personal interests needs and even tastes are catered for.

In all their products they have endeavored to incorporate and adopt highly attractive and technologically superior features and traits that ensure maximum protection and safety in all situations. Indeed some of their products are made from very tough and highly resistant materials that are usually made for optimum fit and highly enhanced dexterity.

Additionally these products tend to be very efficient ensuring that one is not only protected from the extremely hot metal surfaces common in most metal works workshops but they are also as comfortable as possible when carrying out their tasks. Some of the most popular Black stallion products that offer these and numerous other benefits are listed below.

Black Stallion® premium black grain elkskin welding gloves

These black stallion welding gloves are very popular due to their numerous handy features that have made them into a highly sought after commodity within this field. Made from the exceptionally tough elkskin which features unmatched heat resistant qualities these gloves usually ensure that one successfully gets to avoid any accident common in a typical workshop.


To further enhance the safety features of these product its manufacturer have also fitted it with an extra lining of the popular nomex material that tends to be very soft but also highly resistive to any heat that might have penetrated the outer leather material. Additionally it is usually firmly stitched together with the popular Kevlar material that tends to keep out heat especially at the seams. While looking to enjoy a truly phenomenal black stallion welding gloves this is one of the best products out there.