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In recent years an increasing number of renowned manufacturers have been outdoing themselves in creating the best and most efficient welding gloves in a bid to meet an ever growing demand for these protective items. Technicians and other professionals involved in the often dangerous metalworking and welding fields are usually on the look out for the best items in the market that tend to meet some of the most important needs of such professionals. Apart from the obvious need for protection these items must be easy to work with and as comfortable as possible.

To this end most manufacturers of welding gloves have adopted the habit of using more than one type of material in making these items such as the popular cowhide or any other tough heat resistant material and a cotton or flannel lining. Additionally some have also taken to using organic or natural materials such as leather and non-organic or synthetic materials such as Kevlar and normex in a delicate blend to ensure that these items offer exceptional levels of comfort and protection.

Apart from their highly attractive features most of these items also tend to come in many different types, designs and shapes that are innovatively created to suit a very wide range of specific applications and personal tastes and interests. The following is a common categorization among many others that one can use while looking into buying any of these items.

Stick Welding Gloves

These items are very popular with professionals who tend to be involved in the highly technical and heavy duty Stick welding. In most cases these items feature unique and highly specialized features that make them particularly ideal for these applications. These features include their ability to withstand intense amounts of heat without causing any burns or bruises and their high level of comfort and dexterity.

While looking to enjoy a pair of the stick protective gloves the following is a great example from the CONDOR brand that has literally redefined this field. Usually made from cowhide this attractive blue Welding Glove, 14 In, Cowhide, Blue PR item tend to come with a very useful protective gauntlet and equally protective thumb reinforcements. Other features that set this product apart include its highly comfortable cotton lining that makes it very easy to work with and allows an unmatched level of dexterity.


TIG gloves

The TIG welding gloves are another popular type of protective welding wear in most metal working workshops and applications. In most cases these gloves are specially made to perfectly fit the medium to heavy duty applications of the TIG welding. To achieve this level of efficiency and practicability most manufacturers tend to use popular tough materials such as animal skins in the form of leather or the popular synthetic Kevlar material mostly used as a stitching reinforcements.

Some of the most popular examples of these items include the Glove, TIG welders, Peral, Kidskin, Pr; which is a product from the popular Tillman protective wear makers. These products are mainly made from the soft kidskin material with the cuff made from cowhide for optimum comfort and protection.